Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The big picture

Look beyond yourself. For one moment move past what you are feeling. So often we worry about trivial bullshit. Dishes break, you run out of gas, gain weight, bills are overdue, weather changes, loose a job, scrape a knee, pee the bed, late for work, get older, get sick, get turned down, get turned on, forget your phone, forget your keys, work to hard, play to little, have regret, have a broken heart.
Ask yourself what all this means at the end of the day. Ask this to the man saying goodbye to his wife and child to serve our country. To a woman holding her husbands hand after 50+ years, watching him take his last breath. To the mother just giving birth and yet saying goodbye to her beautiful baby. The child born into drugs, watching his parents abuse each other. The teenager who wants to sing but has no voice. A mother that received a knock on the door, with news her child had been hit by a drunk driver while riding his bike home.
Everything becomes small. You realize you have the chance to change, the opportunity to try again. Words echo through the day of people who have forgotten how non-important life can be. In a blink you have no going back. People can be taken with no warning, no memo, email, facebook, twitter. Life is a blessing, a miracle. Make the most of everyday, live to the fullest. Do what you say you can never do, believe in yourself and others will believe in you. Surround yourself with positive loving people...and leave the rest. Make choices and stand by your decision. Admit when your wrong, and let others be right. Love to the fullest height you can reach, and tell that someone. Never hold back, don't let pride fool you. Sing if you want, as loud as you want. Smile at a stranger, they will remember you.