Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tears are ok. Its ok to cry. Unless your drowning. Unless you cant see through them. Chances are meant to be taken. Love is all about endurance. How long will it last, are you strong enough. The race is not a sprint, it is cross-country. You must be in perfect shape, ready for a marathon. Its when your not in your prime, when you push things aside and don't fix yourself and enter into a relationship that it goes wrong. Distrust, hesitation and doubt. Depending on what the past was, the conditioning may be greater. Time Time Time. With healing there is pain. Some you wish you never sought to find. Some needing to be opened, for closure. Seeking to find clarity, you find a clouded path. Never know when a dead end turns into a highway and you can swerve the road blocks. Ok enough metaphors. Say what I mean. I meant to say....Chances are meant to be taken. Sometimes you win...often you lose. I think that makes the win so much greater.
Thats it. Great. Just great.

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