Monday, September 14, 2009

Eating after 7

Breaking the rules. Eating after 7. I'm hungry and I should eat.
Stupid comment.
Wish wish...wish for what? World peace? How about silence. How about a swim in the ocean. My toes in the sand. Cool, clean crisp waves washing away emotion. Listen to earth and her needs. What does she want or long for? Like so many women they live clueless. Waiting to be shown direction from someone. At some point we need to find our own direction. To be told it's OK to be alone. It's OK to be strong. As I have said before, to look at the mistake and choose the right path from it. No one owns you. No one makes you choose your path. You have the power to say yes or no. Fucking stand up for yourself.We have so much more in us then we give off. Sweet release of words and tears. "You hurt me, and I think you have an ugly soul. Your skin is discolored by fear, your tears are poison and have no truth. Move on from me."
We often choose the easy road even though the struggle is greater. Thinking we will end on smooth pavement. Until the rocky road never ends and we are left with dings and dents in the paint. Until the engine is warn and tired. Why not take the next exit...wave the finger and go trade yourself in. Head paint rims and a sunroof. Drive her down to the ocean and put your toes in the sand.
Leave your fears behind. Who the fuck cares anyways? Live with a closed heart and open arms. Keeping an arms width away so there is no pain. Put walls up and watch them try to climb. They have been down before...I have had the "jump in" experience already and it's not worth it.Being guarded and careful is safe....but lame. No loss? No fucking rhyme or reason to what the hell I'm writing.
Deep breath....stop. Listen....silence....Weres my ocean. I'm sure its out there...just down that long stretch of highway. Waiting to come crashing down on me. Sooth my soul...I know her. She is me and I love her.

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  1. My rule is 6... and I broke it tonight too! But the rule doesn't include drinking :)