Monday, September 7, 2009

Something to say

How is it a person like me can be lost for words? I always have something to say. Be it the right or wrong time I can never seem to not speak up. I struggle with the thoughts that my words sometimes are meaningless and forgettable. I suppose somewhere along the line in my life I just wanted to be heard. So I'm choosing an alliterative and doesn't give 2 shits who reads it or listens...

I wonder were my words went...were exactly did I go? I have friends and family that have said "it's glad to have you back". Why did I disappear? Who makes a sound decision to give up on there friends and family for a piece of shit that wouldn't give up anything for you. To hold his Fathers hand as he leaves this world, to cry so much over what? Lessons learned. I look back now to a stranger. Everyday more and more I feel closer to myself and the girl I used to be is turning strong. Into the girl everyone remembers. Then we have trouble.
I had someone ask me the other day if there was anything in my life I regret. I didn't have to think twice about my response. Yes....we all have regrets. I did tell her that it I don't look at them that way anymore...lessons learned. Every regret, you learn. So she asked if I would change anything about my I wouldn't be who I am today...and I kinda like her.For every love I have had in my life I have learned. Not just with men in my life but the people I truly have loved and lost.
Random thoughts I know....but see in my head it all makes sense...perfect sense. For you maybe not so much. Not really my probem...but thanks for making it to the end.

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