Thursday, September 3, 2009

Um.....Whats a blog?

So I have friends....yes hard to believe its true. One says to me "have you read T's blog, it's so funny".....My response is whats a blog? Amazing enough I have figured it out....and away we go!

I have for so long written on a note today when I brought home 2 more note pads T asks...."thought you were starting a blog".....duh. She doesn't want me wasting any trees, just like my daily planner. Like the complicated but useful calender on my Blackberry just isn't good enough ya know....Knowing myself well enough I will still use both.
I'm going to use this "blog" for fun and entertainment. My friends and family should love it. I have this dry but not so tactful sense of humor that could come across in this. I tend to amuse people with misspelling and off the wall comments...again don't be surprised if you read this and sit back saying..."huh??? What the hell is she talking about?" Do me a favor and just read on. Don't ask questions cause I don't have the fucking answers. If I did I wouldn't be writing on a "Blog".
Have a wonderful evening everyone and I will "Blog" more that I know what the hell it is!


  1. Who is this T person? I want to meet her. She sounds smart and funny and awesome.