Monday, October 19, 2009

Things I should not do.

Watch "The Notebook". Cry like a silly girl. Think that stories like this exist.

"They are shooting stars, a spectacular moment of light from the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. In a flash, they are gone." James Garner says this line in the movie speaking about Summer love. Pretty sure this can apply to all forms of "love". It starts with a glance, a smile, simple conversation turns to endless conversation. Can't get enough, the need to have, touch, feel, want..desire. Its on your mind, consumes you.
Would you stand in the rain with me
Lose track of time, forget where you are.
Believe in me when no one else does
Stand up for me fight for me
Take a chance on me
Push me to my limit, to pull me in.
Move me to tears with words or none at all.
Tell me when I'm wrong, let me be right.
Make me remember
I want to remember.
Show me...take me to that place.
Does this place exist? That's the question. Is it a make believe fairy tale...spun into our heads as little girls? Thanks. I don't think my words read like a fictional novel. I think they are relative. Not perfect, the way life is. Imperfections around every corner. Even those who say they don't believe in it do...all a cover up for a true meaning. For what is sometimes missing. See, never should have started this. Never know whats gonna happen with these little fingers. Its a freaking curse.

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