Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Be yourself..

You are who you are right? Its time we be ourselves. So often society pins you to be someone else. The one everyone wants you to be. I can no longer be that girl. I am my mothers daughter, free and full of life. I open my arms to a future so clear I can taste it. Looking back just a short year ago I was so clouded. So lost but yet searching for life. All my travels down wrong paths lead me to a safe place. Which odd to say is the comfort of myself. I wasted enough time thinking "what did I do" to realize.."why didn't I". The only thing I regret is time, loss of time. Sure sure...blah blah you lived Katie...you learned. Again I get it, but I do think with my head out of his ass I could be some place else. I will never let go of my lessons. What life taught me. This is what I learned..

1. "Fuck you" is not a terms of endearment.
Fuck off, go fuck yourself, fucking idiot, fuck you bitch..nope not working for me.
2. I hate doing laundry
"oh no...I hate it..."
3. I like my bed made everyday
So I can throw my laundry on it
4. You cant expect a song and dance
In bed everyday...right?
5. I'm never alone
I have many friends, great family..and my nightstand
6. A smile and thank you means the world
Don't need flowers, diamonds...whatever...just appreciate it!
7. I want a partnership
OK...I'm not doing the laundry though
8. I love to laugh
My smile lights up, I glow..make me laugh..you can have a little.
9. I have a dirty mind
Yes, yes I do...gutter girl from dirty SE
10. I need trust
If you cant...leave now
11. I can never let my past dictate my future
I have no daddy issues, what i have are my own set.
12. I can be late
But you cant?
13. Don't forget to flush
14. Don't smoke in my house
15. The door is that way
I found it..hahaha
16. "Fuck me" can be a terms of endearment.(should i continue?)

It is all about to change for me. I have taken this opportunity to move and grow in a way most women should after a screwed up relationship. Instead most of you move right into the next. Learn to love yourself ladies...then you may love another. Its a constant check and adjust for me these days. Not understanding the momentum my life has taken. Moving fast and in such a positive direction. A true believer in Karma...it has come back around, and this shit feels good.

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