Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My turn

Blah blah blah. Seems to be a line I'm using a lot lately.Stop talking start doing. I'm sick of the excuses and I'm done with the waiting. I have watched the shitty people get lucky and cash in on it. Biggest discovery this year so far.. Life is not about luck. You make your own path, you decide your own future. Stop waiting for the opportunities to fall into your lap, smile..wink..give a come and get me nod and make it happen. Ask the right questions, and pay attention to the fucking answers. If the information is in the book...read the shit. Day after day I hear the general public blame issues on others. Deflect there own responsibility...take ownership of the problem and fix it. Fuck...excuses. My ears are closed to all the bitching and complaining. All the drama...shut up, my ears bleed from your life. Its exhausting.

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  1. Isee! Tell me how you really feel.